10 ways save money in situation of corona pandemic ?

There is so many ways to save money in a pandemic situation

(1) stop your personal expenses like cigarettes, drinking beer, and wine.

(2) stop yours over expenses on groceries and other products like beauty products, many cookies, ice crams. ( don't buy groceries on the online platform because it's expensive rates than market)

(3) stop your unwanted subscription on online platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

(4) to stop expenses not to go in any function of your relatives because functions needed gifts

(5) stop the offline excessive items like the excessive quantity of milk, not to the needed newspaper and magazine subscription.

(6) save your taxes with your financial planner advice.

(7) not to go on any family trip for happiness

(8) stop overspending on petrol and diesel.

(9) reduce your phone bill plan to save money.

(10) stop any function or any work that needed lot's of money