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You knew that the investment how effect our lifestyle and our behavior. Investment is important for all human beings because our total life depends on investment like education is also one type of investment.not every time in the stock market but in other life is doing on your investment interest like your job is the profit of your education investment.rent is interest on your real estate investment.there are many investments available in the market, but we still show you best 19 investment types. This is a proper investment with all legal documentation so let's start

Equity stocks :

Invest in the blue-chip stock for better returns at low risk.open your Dem at account with Zerodha and start your investment.or meet a fund manager. But it needs some knowledge. You can also try the best advisory service.

Bond :

The bond is a useful investment for the fixed return. In the bond investment, you need to open a d mat account with Zerodha and start investing in the bond First you learn how to choose and analyze bonds it's simpler than stocks.

Mutual Funds :

The mutual fund is the mediator between knowledgeable investors and common people.but recently all investors attract toward it because of the facility of the mutual fund and structure of the investment. For investing mutual funds you need to open a D-mat account in Zerodha and start investing in a mutual fund. A mutual fund is a good investment in the modern period of the world.

Real Estate Investments :

Real estate is also the best investment idea for the long term in the populated area or in becoming a populated area.but in the real estate is useful in the long term only because making any populated are conducts 8 to 10 years.

Investing Structures and Entities businesses :

The best idea to generate a better return than any other investment in the world is investing in a business you or others.business is the main story that works in backup on all investments.so make your own business or invest in other businesses.but analyzation needed for the second option.

Index funds :

The index fund is better than mutual fund but the return is not given like mutual fund it contains low risk than any other investment a guaranteed return more than 5 years investment.

Bank Products :

Invest in the bank's product like an fd and rd. It's given fixed and low return but the guaranteed return and it's carrying 1% risk of default.

Non-voting equity shares :

It also depends on the quality of the companies' growth.i's also, behave on the demand and supply levels. But you need to open a D-mat account in Zerodha and invest in it.

Gold commodity :

Gold is an evergreen investment for the long term players in the market. You can also invest in other commodities like silver and natural gas, etc

insurance plain :

The insurance plan is also the best idea to invest money for fix and low but guaranteed return, it also conducts a very low risk of default. To invest meet insurance agents.

Commercial paper :

It is also the best idea to invest in commercial paper but very few people invest in these fields of investment in commercial papers. Promissory notes and other debt instruments include in these papers. You need to meet an agency that gets to the distributorship of these papers.

Repo rate :

It is a repurchase rate that the central bank gives to buyers of the government securities.you can get information about this type in deep by reading on the internet specialized blogs.

Company deposited :

Some companies accept deposits from the public with assuring of payment. In this depositor get the best return than any other deposits.but very few company issue deposits.

Debentures :

The debentures of a reputed company make a better return than any other investment of fixed returns.debentures investment gives you better return with low risk of default. So first open a D-mat account on Zerodha and buy debentures like shares.

Preference shares :

Preference shares are the best investment for those people who want to fix and the big return. Preference shares are preferable shares of the company that gives you preference in paying dividend and capital. First, open a D-mat account in Zerodha and start buying shares.

Treasury bills :

It's a short term investment type, it's issued by the government at a discounted price and collected or repurchase by its par price. First, open an account with Zerodha and start investing.


You can also invest at the time of new shares issued. First, open account with Zerodha and but share as an IPO.analyze company before investing IPO.

Bitcoin :

Bitcoin is the new way to investments but it's a risky game to invest in bitcoin but return id better than any other investment.before investing in bitcoin gain some knowledge about it.

Thank you so much for reading.