safe investments with high returns in India

EVERY person on the earth want a high return on their investment but few people knew these ways to invest for the fixed return that we explain below

namaskar friends, very few people known the best ways to earn for the fixed return. for this reason, we explain to you the ways of earning fix high return by investing money then in this post we will discuss these types of investment.

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NOTE: sum was of investing in this suggestion carry a 1% risk of default

that means the bank was bankrupt or company was closed his operations or company file for bankruptcy and we do not recommend to invest in gold because the gold was an import from Australia and gold increase our tread deficit of the country

ways of investment for fix return

(1) Debt mutual fund :

what is debt mutual fund :

it's similar to an ordinary mutual fund. the ordinary mutual fund invests in shares and debt mutual fund invest in bonds, debentures and government securities, Treasury bills. this instrument gives the fixed return promise to the public and fund managers collect all instruments in one and that's name is debt mutual fund.

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The interest rate of debt mutual fund :

the debt mutual fund gives return according to its work but the default in these types of a mutual fund is very low

we recommend you sum best debt mutual fund

franklin India corporate debt fund, INTEREST RATE: 8.56 %

HDFC short term debt fund direct 12.06%

Nippon India banking and PSU debt fund direct 12.62%

SBI short term debt fund direct 11.51%

AXIS corporate debt fund direct 13.16%

Minimum time to invest :

one year minimum to get a return but we recommend to invest in these funds for at least 5 years

How to invest :

2 ways are available

1st open treading and Demat account ( we recommend use Zerodha broker to open Demat account )

2nd invest through groww app

(2) Debentures / bonds

what is debentures :

A debenture is an instrument given by the company on behalf of a loan. debenture represented borrowed capital. the company gives a loan from the public and issue certificate name as debentures. in simple words, debentures are a certificate on behalf of a loan given to the company like shares but, the only difference is shares is equity and debentures is loan certificates

what is the interest rate of debentures :

generally, the interest rate of debentures start from 6% to 18 %

Minimum amount to invest :

according to one debenture price and the company which issue this debenture

how to invest :

for investing into the debentures you need to open trading and Demat account( we recommend you to open safe and secure Demat account in Zerodha broker )

search debenture that you want or company-issued

like this you also invest in bonds which is same as debentures

thank you for reading