bitcoin for India: all about bitcoin and cryptocurrency

cryptocurrencies are being talked about all over the world so we decided to show people who don' know the true face of cryptocurrencies. bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency in the world. but some fact about the bitcoin is must known for the start investing in have received many messages about investing in bitcoin and many people invest there hard earn money into bitcoin and then as per every human emotion they accept a high return from that. some times it gives better than other markets like stocks, real estate' or any other type of investments, but stocks and real estate backed by the physical ings like companies and land but in cryptocurrency, there is nothing to show in the real or physical world.

These types of many aspects are opposed to all cryptocurrency economies .because bitcoin is also a part of the cryptocurrency economy in the world. cryptocurrency investor also not explained their assets properly because of a lack of knowledge about the real market and the fake and imagined market.

we prepare some useful and knowledgeable thought and answers of new cryptocurrency investors questions for the clearing there image about the cryptocurrency. this is not one post it's a series of questions we share some other post later according to dates but we give others post link in the list bellow

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(1) What is cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency is a digital's decentralized currency all over the world because it's over the control of any government or any person cryptocurrency market works on the peer to peer formula of connection.that means in one transaction in anywhere in the world according to transaction changes made in all holders in the world. Satoshi Nakamoto is an inventor of product cryptocurrency.cryptocurrencies are used in all over the world. but some economists and market investors have opposed this currency for the reasons of security and illegal transaction without informing anyone.

cryptocurrencies make with help of algorithms.this is a digital currency that uses cryptography to make a transaction like buying any product or services. and the first use of cryptocurrencies done in 2009 in japan.

from 2009 to continue there are several types of cryptocurrencies works in the overall crypto market in the world. now more than 1000 currencies exist in the world that uses the transction type peer to peer. We discuss some important cryptocurrencies that make changes in futures in economic systems.

Types of cryptocurrencies

note: types of cryptocurrencies bellow on the peer to peer transaction and every cryptocurrency have a motive in the market to become popular.

(1)bitcoin (BTC)

(2)Ethereum (ETH)

(3)litecoin (LTC)

(4)dogecoin (DOGE)

(5)fair coin (FAIR)

(6)dash (DASH)

(7)peercoin (PPC)

(8)Ripple (XRP)

(9)monero (XMR)

(10)red coin

(11)sia coin

(12)voice coin

Then we learn about the advantage and disadvantage of cryptocurrencies


(1) more secure for any transaction in accordance currency

(2)very fewer chances of fraud in this cryptocurrencies system

(3)very low transaction fees than any 1other transaction in the money world.

(4) this system does not have an operator or owner in the world.

(5)this system depends on the algorithms and cryptography programming it's more secure for transaction

(6)it gives the highest return in the last 10 years


(1) there is no physical existence in the world like shares and real estate.

(2) one you lost your wallet id then you lose all money in your wallet because reversal of id is not possible.

(3) there is not any refund for any wrong transaction because there are not any options for this.

(4)there are chances to hack all over the system of currencies and some incident are happen in the past

(5) it's also used in an illegal transaction like robbery money transfer, theft money transfer, drug money transaction, etc.

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