How to advertise our business,creatively ?

: There are many types of marketing overall 100 types, but this the typical style to advertising product like hoarding and poster or digital marketing. some people also create the there own style of advertising, we discuss this strategy bellow,

(1) creative art on the shoes

These shoes look like natural leg part

this marketing campaign was very hit in the shoe market

(2) creative ice-creme

This is another hit campaign for the ice-cream parlor

many consumers are attracted towards these types of advertising

you also make the different types and innovative logo and advertise image for the attracting audience towards the business

target an area of populated land and audience according to your product groupage

select an area according to your funds that fully concerted on it.

(3) you tube funny content creator to use your product as a funny joke for creating the value for the buying of your products, and also makes a contract between the memes maker and publisher to make memes on your product to creating value

create memes for the marketing campaign and

funny people and your audience also influence to buy your product through memes use you as a content

(4) artificial word of mouth campaign

pay these types of influence there speaking is so important for there audience

pay for speech recognizer who use the word of your product in their speech

sponsored any religious celebration

(5) news advertisement

last and very effective creative business advertisement idea i.e news advertisement

create effective news for your product


1 expand your quantity and advertise it on the local news channel: magi

2 change your logo and give the advertisement on the local news

3 hire the local popular person as a brand ambassador and advertise it on news

This is the effective advertisement idea out of the box use in your business to make brand value