How to trade in stock market?

In this post, we will see how beginners can start trading with the best preparation, so we can assume that you are beginner, therefore, we start from how to start trading and how to gain first beginners enter this stock market because of motivational speakers or to the desire of earning a lot of money.

  1. Before starting

  2. Learn some basics

  3. Try paper trading

  4. Open D-mat account with a discount broker Zerodha

  5. Try to learn orders, leverage and many more from software

  6. Try with little money

  7. Confirm that which treading style is best for you

  8. manage your capital (money management)

  9. Watch some videos and buy some trading courses

  10. learn from mistakes

  11. learn strategies

  12. make your own strategies

To learn what is treading read this book

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications

Before starting

First of all, beginners can enter in this market for earning a lot of money in the one night this is the wrong concept that implementing you from the speakers and your strong desire.clear this image that trading is not one-night success it's need more effort than investing money because it contains much factor than investing or any other business.become emotionless to gain profit from the stock market. So clear wrong image about stock market trading

Learn some basics

Before start trading, you must have to learn some basics about the stock market like how market works and basics concepts. Watch new and analyze the tone and language of a new speaker.

Try paper trading

Paper trading is the best way to learn trading it gives you mutual understanding with the market. First, take paper and start writing what shares you want to buy and to sell at the end tally your account and see your loss or profit.

Open D-mat account with a discount broker Zerodha

We suggest you choose a discount broker for the trading because we experience that the sub-broker that companies appoint for we that is not well known it's only mean to create a wanted and unwanted trade from your account because it's getting a commission from you treading as a try to open the account from a discount broker.

Try to learn orders, leverage and many more from software

Install software for trading, and learn about the order in this software like bracket order, cover order, cnc, and mis order. Also, learn about Sebi leverage policy and broker leverage policy. Learn full software tricks and shortcuts before starting large quantity trading.

Try with little money

Add 500 rupees in this wallet and buy 1 quantity of any stock and learn how price action works. Try this for the first 15 days and then add money 1000 and buy some more quantity try this channel for improving your trading skills.

Confirm that which treading style is best for you

This also important process for becoming stock trading expert.become an expert in one style of trading because all trading style contains different mindsets and different analysis.

Confirm your trading style and try to become an expert in it.

manage you capital (money management)

First, learn how to do money management and start to trade in a powerful way means in large quantities. Don't invest full money in one trade.try to save y1our capital because capital is most important than profit, so before start trading in large quantities learn what is money management

Watch some videos and buy some trading courses

Watch some best YouTube channel for learning how analyzing the trading stock

power of stock

buy some courses for the best value we recommend that you have to buy courses from learnapp ( best courses from the industry specialist)

learn from mistakes

The best works for becoming a pro player in the stock market try to learn from you or other's keep your mind open and not to repeat one mistake many times.try to not follow anyone blindly and do your own analysis, make preparation in previous days for increasing your profitability

learn strategies

Learn strategies and try to apply properly.try to learn more and more strategies d make the best implementation on best time management.

Make your own strategies

make your own strategies

after learning parameters like money management, time management, technical analysis and some other techniques to find and tread stock to gain profit than make your own strategies and try it improve it and according to the situation make changes in it