Intraday trading for beginners

Introduction to intraday trading :

Many people say that "trading" in the stock market is like gambling yes this is the best statement for those people who not try hard work. Some very great people have said that if you do business without study, it will be gambling and if you do gambling with study, it will also be business. Delete this image in your mind that "intraday trading" is like gambling.

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What is intraday trading?

"Intraday trading" one of the most popular trading styles in the world.because it contains all factors in the environment of the stock market. "Intraday trading" is also known as day trading. "Day trading" means buy today and sell today.

In this style, the best margin/leverage provides by a broker compares to other "trading" styles. To become a successful "intraday trader" you have to get the whole knowledge about the stock market, control your emotions at the time of "trading" and many important points are to be managed to become successful in intraday trading. We discuss some point in the below that important for the freshers in the stock market trading, so let’s start

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important points for the beginners in the stock trading

  1. Try paper "trading"

  2. starts with little capital

  3. don't trade in penny stock

  4. control your emotions

  5. protect your capital

  6. prepare before trading

  7. use technical analysis

  8. avoid tips market

  9. control over trading

  10. use time management

  11. use money management

  12. keep studying

  13. learn and create your own strategies

  14. stop listening news at the time of treading

  • Try paper "trading"

Try paper trading to get some experience. Take a piece of paper and write the prices that you want to buy or sell. After doing this practice many times tally you trad sheet and analyze profit and loss in your trade

  • starts with little capital

We recommend you to start with a low capital maximum of 1000RS. To get the beneficiary experience that change, your mindset of "trading". It gives you the right direction for future trading.

  • Don't trade in penny stock

we suggest that to don't trade in penny stock means not trade in the stock that price is below than 20 RS

  • control your emotions

Control your emotion at the time of trading because emotions give you big losses and emotions clear your capital. At the time of "trading" using stop loss and target for a better return.

  • Protect your capital

The first and important thing to do is protect your capital for tomorrow's trade. Protect your capital from risky trades, emotional trades, and unprepared trade

  • prepare before "trading"

It's the most important thing to do before "trading" starts in the market. Gives 4 to 5 hours to prepare some strategy of "trading".

  • Use technical analysis

Use technical analysis to improve strategy and to increase your profit.also use trend line and support resistance techniques to improve your skills.

  • Use money management

Money management is the best tool to manage your capital and increases your profitability in "stock trading". Learn more about money management in this CLICK HERE

  • keep studying

STUDY is the only way to get success in the field of treading. Because not any Institute or any classes gives you the experience of the stock market and learning from doing in the stock market.

  • Learn and create your own strategies

After learning all basics then enter into the world of strategies. In this world try to set up your system with the help of indicators, price action, support resistance, and many more.use different strategies according to the situation.

  • Stop listening to the news at the time of "trading"

In my experience, the biggest mistake of the trader is listening to market news and convert our profit into a loss. Many traders do not accept this reality because its mind totally depended upon the words of the news anchor.

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