stock market India: how to invest in stock market

The stock market is a sea, and we know some parts of the sea because the whole sea is not understandable. In the modern world, peoples attract to the stock market because of billionaires success stories or to grow wealth. But the reason is almost the same to become successful. For this type of peoples, we start this many people known the market works properly but not earn money and some people earn money through his knowledge.but anyone not gives a course or any activity on how to enter the stock market in the proper way.

  • Learn about the market (basics and how it's work)

  • Open d mat account.

  • Start from a small amount

Mentor opens accounts of clients and learn them how to trade or invest money but not giving the proper knowledge about how to enter into the stock market then we write this article for those peoples that learn how to enter into the stock market properly in ways of trading or to invest.

There are two dynamics to entering into the stock market

  • From the view of investing.

  • From the view of trading.

Before starting important points for entering into a stock market

  • potions and petitions is the key

  • keep the mind of learning set

  • take time to learn situations

  • first, learn and then earn

  • not to try any advice services

for learning the basics to stock market read this book

basics of the stock market

From the view of investing

(Note: if you are a busy person you can try services from the fund manager)

Let's start, investing is not a one-step course it takes a time to learn.investing is long learning the process but the good thing is basics of investing is too easy to learn for the passionate person.we talk about how to enter.

  • Start watching the market and particular shares

  • Try to learn from a course online or offline.

  • Watch general videos about the stock market

  • try to clear basic concepts about the balance sheet

  • After learning basics open the D-mat account.

  • Start from a small amount.

  • Don't invest without analyzing stock or mutual funds.

  • Stay updated with market news

  • find opportunities

  • After this process, you will become successful in this field.

From the view trader

(Note: not to try any advisers services to become successful)

The trader is different from the investors because the trader earns a profit in the short term trading activities. But trading is so simple but not easy. To become a trader there is the restriction of an over-emotional guy because emotions in the stock market are not allowed to earn the biggest the stock market not any excuses for the wrong trading.lets we talk about how to start and to become successful traders.

  • Learn about the basics of the stock market.

  • Start paper trading before opening a D-mat account to understand the working.

  • Learn technical analysis and price action

  • try to control your emotions

  • don't tread without preparation

  • open your d mat account with a trusted broker ( we recommend Zerodha as best broker ship service)

  • careful about over tread

  • timely invest for the long term also

Thank you

to learn what is fundamental analysis

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fundamental analysis of stock with example