stock trading: the real truth about the stock market!

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there are many misconceptions about the stock market trading and investing for this misconception about the stock we help you to remove from your mind then read the full article and let's start

the stock market is all about patience and strategies for this we try to explain the actual market work in the ways of rules

1st point :

The stock market is not like a one-night lottery it needs patience and proper knowledge. If you get this knowledge about the stock there are fixed salaries from the stock market, it depends upon your strategy and market situations. But if you get proper knowledge and experience with applying proper strategy on market or your securities you will become a millionaire and billionaire from the stock market. The stock market depends on your knowledge strategy and experienced in reacting with stock market situations

2nd point :

The world of treading in the market.firstly clear mind for the trading concept.

The stock market is not behaving like a 2 or 3-dimensional stock market is dynamically.there are many things that affect the stock market at the one time.

Ex: market contain the bad news about the banking sector but buyers are greedy and sellers think that the new recovery faster than sector not reacting like a piece of bad news it stands for stable or only gives a small reaction

3rd point :

Stock trading is much harder than investing. Because freshers in the market assume that the trading is easy and long investment is too hard but in the long term we get lower returns compare with stock trading. Stock trading involves a minimum period of times of 5 years for generating 1 % to 15% in 1 day to 3 months. Fresher assumes that the market only shows prices, but in the real world, this is not the truth. The market shows motions of the peoples who invest money in the market for returns then we advise them to fresher learn stock market how it works then start trading in the market if you do this you will lose money according to your work

4th point :

In the stock market, may advise and tips company works for caught beginners for buying their plans.most of the freshers caught in this scam, so we advise you to not believes in these types of plans. The company sells its plan to beginners starter of people in tips advise to but and sell the stock. This is the biggest scam that runs illegal in the market. We explain you with an example

Ex: suppose X enter into the stock market with referral and start a d-mat account and trending account with discount brokers or full-service brokers and get a call from any tips service company which gives 3 days free suggestions to this stock trading the company works that gives 50% suggestion buy and another side to sell do this for 3 days and sorted 25 people accordance with 100 accept their service and subscribe service ad caught in this plan

so if you are freshers in the market think about this real word market stories

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