Swing trading: meaning and explanation

So, friends, today we will learn what is swing trading. So first of all we will see how many types of trading are there, many people do intraday trading, options trading, short term trading, and swing trading. Today we will see what is swing trading. In this post, we assume that you are new to stock market trading. That is why we will know from the beginning.

What is swing trading?

 Swing means going down and up and the price of any share in the share market goes in the same direction, but it always goes down but sometimes it comes again and again. So we have to learn how to earn money using this thing, I have put the picture below and see it and then you will understand


So in this photo, you saw how some red and green sticks go big and small and take the graph up or down. This is a process going on in the stock market, and we have to learn how we can make money by using this.

In the stock market, the price of stock never goes up or down in the same line. In this, if the price has to go up then it will go down a little bit and will go up in the same way. If the price has to come down, it will go down. And below will be more. In this, you have hidden the secret of working for money. When the price work is up or down, then we have to buy or sell the same way, you will have trouble understanding it, then look at the chart again where I have also written buy, it should be bought and sold on it. It is written that you should sell the stock or you should do short selling.

Now you have understood that if you want to buy, then we will understand how we will know that in which place we have to do this work, so let's teach.

How to enter and exit in swing trading?

In the given photo you will see that buy and exit is written, so we understand that whenever the shares start going up, while going up, they also come down for some time, we will call it a correction. Some people book their profit or loss at this place, meaning they take out the position taken. Its share price comes down for some time and this is the time where we have to BUY shares, and we have to It will also be understood that when the shares are to be sold, then we have to calculate it, then we will calculate it, where the price goes up from where the price comes to correction, then it starts going up again. The work of the campus has been done, and we have to look at the above target with the guess of it. You will understand this in the photo more thoroughly. Now you have understood that it is said to buy but it is said that it is not necessary to raise it. If our stock runs like our estimate, then our target will hit. If our stock does not run according to us, then we should say stop loss also. Will have to. So we have to place stop loss in a place where the price can change its direction as seen in the photo.

Do this activity for learning the basics of swing trading and thank you for reading our article

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